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Doha Kwik span for Metal Works was established in 2006; Our activities depend on Kwik span system, which is a modern American metal building technique and it is possible to make many applications from this system such as:

  1. Different styles of car shades cantilever or simply supported design
  2. Half circular ground to ground stores which would be used as stores for contracting companies or for army to be use as artillery and weapon stores or plane hangars. It is economical as it may replaces building a brick wall
  3. Stores for different items with walls at 5 meter height and arch at height between 3 – 5 meter, with or without heat insulation.
  4. Covers entrance and passages between buildings and play grounds.
  5. Make insulated and equipped sport halls or multipurpose halls.
  6. Make good design fence for gardens or public buildings or for car parks grounds.

The Kwik Span system has the following advantages:

  1. Quick construction.
  2. Nice shape as it depends on arch style
  3. Totally insulator for water with total control on water discharge.
  4. Bears with all weather conditions.
  5. Economic cost
  6. Anti corrosion with minimum 10 years guarantee.


Doha Kwick Span implemented more than 3100 projects thanks to the efforts of the workers, technicians and engineers who are specialists in this system. The company has more then 70 technical workers and several engineers with more than 10-year experience in this system.

Doha Kwik Span owns all necessary equipment and machinery for applying work from A to Z.

This is a list of our most important main equipment:

  1. Manufacturing machine for Kwik Span sheets production capacity up to 100000 m2/ year.
  2. Machine for cutting iron sheets up to 13 mm thick.
  3. Machine for bending iron up to 6 mm.
  4. Many electric generators with welding machine.
  5. Forklift 3 ton
  6. Large number of drills with hammer which is used in screws fixing and digging
  7. Large group of welding machines, grinders, clamps and painting equipment

We have a stock of raw materials for any urgent orders.

Our Main Clients – Individuals – Ministries – Construction companies – Real estate development companies – Qatar Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces (ISF) Lakhwiya.

This is a list of the most important projects that we have completed during the previous years of the company existence:

  1. Qatar Armed Forces: where 35 projects were completed distributed on the following units:
    • Al Sailiyah base
    • Tareq Bin Ziad base.
    • Um Elteen base in Al Shahaniyah
    • Tanks Battalion in Al Shahaniyah
    • Many Military base
    • Al Rayyan Camp
    • Al Shamal Camp
    • General Headquarter  in Al Rumailah
    • Naval base
    • Military intelligence in Al Sailiyah
  2. Internal Security Force; where 30 projects were completed inside their camp in Alrayan.
  3. Amiri Guard: 2 projects were completed in Brazan Camp.
  4. Ministry of Interior: more than 10 projects has been finished in Doha, Industrial City, Um Selal, Al Wakra and Salwa Road.
  5. State Security Bureau; where 25 projects were completed
  6. Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs:  main projects are:
    • Car parking shades for maintenance department in Abu Hamour and car parking shades for several mosques.
    • Cover the entrances of more than 120 mosques inside Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Khour and Umsaied.
  7. Car agencies: Like Bentley and Lamborghini agencies.
  8. Amiri Yachts
  9. Embassies in Qatar (UAE , OMAN)
  10. Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care
  11. Shades for Althaiyen and Al Shumal Municipality.
  12. Qatar Central bank.
  13. Barwa real estate company; 2 main projects are:
    • Project of steel fence length 9000 m
    • Project of cover the game yard in Musaimir Complex
    • Project of car parking shades inside the ministry of Barwa Commercial Street Project
  14. Plane hangars at the Faculty of flight training (Doha International Airport) + Private plane hangars.
  15. Gulf Helicopter (Car parking shades inside the residential complex)
  16. Contracting companies; (SIAC for the project of cement plant, United for construction, Al Jabber Trading and Contracting, Qatar Architecture for Trading and Contracting company, Free Line for Decoration & construction, Al Sahaba  trading and Contracting, Conserve trading and Contracting Company, Arabella trading and Contracting Company, Crose Trading and Contracting Company, Al Jamal Trading, Contractor Company, Jermain Company, Nubia Company, Al Talia Company, ABK specific for building & construction,  Hafr trading and Contracting Company, IBC Gulf Group,  Qatar Hochtief Construction Company, Orientals  Enterprises L.L.C., Al Alia Trading & Contracting, Noors Engineering,  Badr Contracting & Trading and Perjola contracting & Greenhouses W.L.L., Al Jazeera Finance , Mohammad Jassem Al Kuwari Co. ,GULF PEARLS HOTAL APPARTMENT , GULF TURRETS , OSECC , KEMPE QATAR , KEMCO Construction Co. , International Al Qayed for Sheds and Decoration , Asia Steel Co.)
  17. Moreover, more than 5500 Shades were installed inside private villas, and complexes inside and outside Doha.

More than 5000 Shades were installed inside private villas, and complexes inside and outside Doha.

New activities of company:

As policy to cope with the current impressive development in our beloved country and looking forward to accomplish all trend and variable needs, Doha Kwik Span  have innovated a new shading design that depends on usage of Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet with wide huge of selective colors .

The design takes a wave shape and used for ceiling swimming pools, car parking, corridors,…etc.

The design also allows presence of comfortable lighting and grants wide shade area.

Some Advantages of these shades:

  1. Guaranteed of 120 ° C
  2. Fully water insulated


Doha Kwik span for Metal Works Company was established on year 2006. Our activities depend on Kwik span system, which is a modern American metal building technique and it is possible to make many applications from this system.


Aircraft Hangers, Brackets Car Shade, Cantilever Car Shade, Fence, Hangers, Multi-Purpose Hall, Water Tank Shade...


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